Our Technology

The Science Behind Our Technology

The light we see affects our mind and a wide variety of metabolic processes within our body. Eyes are undeniably one of our most important organs. It is where light penetrates the retina and stimulates multiple biological functions. The light we perceive is part of the electromagnetic spectrum our eyes can detect, known as the visible spectrum.

The Visible Light Spectrum

The visible spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to, and can be detected by, the animal eye.  There is no white or natural light “wavelength” because natural white light is a combination of different color wavelengths. A typical, healthy human eye will respond to wavelengths from about 400nm to 750nm. Different wavelengths indicate colors in the visible spectrum ranging from violet 400nm to 750nm deep red color with a significant sensitivity peak at 555nm green.

Ultraviolet (UV) light is an electromagnetic radiation not visible to humans. It has shorter wavelengths than visible light but longer wavelengths than X-ray radiation. UV light covers wavelengths from 100 to 400 nm and is divided into three subcategories:

Both UVA and UVB radiation pass through the earth’s atmosphere, reaching the surface, but UVC radiation is mostly absorbed by the ozone layer, never completely reaching land.

Animals See Different

The graphs below show photopic (day vision) relative spectral sensitivity of the human eye, the domestic fowl eye and typical swine eye.

Both the human (left) and poultry (middle) graphs show a similar sensitivity peak in the green spectrum. This is so humans and poultry can see well in the available light under green forest canopies, which was and is, part of the primary habitat of both. Poultry, however, are considerably more sensitive to red light and blue light and can see UV light (that humans do not). The graphs also clearly indicate that the relative photon catch is different for humans and poultry resulting in a very interesting fact: perceived light intensity is considerably higher for poultry.

Swine (right) view the world more subdued than humans and poultry do. They only see 2 (two) distinct colors, blue and green – with the highest sensitivity being green light. The spectrum drops off significantly before the color red, showing that pigs cannot see that color efficiently.

The Secret is in Our Technology

As a global leader in agricultural LED lighting applications, we know how important it is to achieve results while improving animal welfare. That is why we focus on applying photo-biology and optogenetics to develop innovative technologies fueled by research.

ONCE® animal lighting goes beyond traditional LED technologies by studying the science of light specifically and exclusively for the agricultural market. It is the reason we are so successful at what we do, and why our products complement some of the world’s largest integrators and equipment manufacturers.

The Science is our foundation, while the secret to success is in Our Technology.

Watch how we strive to bring this natural part of life to animals:

Junglite Green™ Technology for Broilers, Pullets and Turkeys

ONCE® species-specific lighting systems allow producers to give broilers and pullets a customized lighting solution to achieve what matters most: improved animal welfare, reduced stress and better flock performance. By offering technology developed from decades of proven research, a species-specific spectrum and a Built for Your Barn® design, our broiler, pullet and turkey specific lighting systems are guaranteed to provide a return on your investment.

Junglite Green is the newest and most advanced broiler and pullet specific lighting technology on the market today. There are no other products available designed specifically to replicate a birds’ natural habitat with a jungle green light like this technology does. By simulating an enhanced green light spectrum with added blue, a birds’ highest color sensitivity is stimulated, meeting developmental needs at all stages of growth. The added red content regulates circadian rhythms, improving animal welfare. Research has consistently concluded that broilers reared under monochromatic green light during the early stage experienced greater proliferation of the skeletal satellite cells, a primary muscle regenerator, while pullets showed greater weight gain in less time when compared to regular LEDs.

Experience an ROI after the first flock with our new jungle green light spectrum, providing producers with an estimated$20,508.70 in additional profits per year* and integrators $15,912.00 PER WEEKʠ!

Improve Feed Conversion 

Recent scientific trials showed broilers raised under Junglite Green technology compared to those under a regular blue-enriched white LED showed reduction in bird feed consumption per pound of meat produced. With a .028 feed conversion rate improvement, this provides an ROI after the first flock and is estimated to give producers $19,008.70 in additional profits the first year* and save integrators $15,912.00 PER WEEKʠ! Because ONCE® AgriShift® fixtures have a Built For Your Barn® design, they use techniques and materials that withstand harsh barn environments for years to come, longevity is guaranteed.

Chicks enjoying Junglite Green Technology. One day old chicks getting a good start to life under the influence of our new Junglite Green™ technology from the AgriShift TLP® tube light for pullets.

Learn more about The Science behind the technology or products featuring Junglite Green™ technology: AgriShift® MLM-G and AgriShift® TLP tube light for pullets.


*With a savings of .34¢ per pound (lb) and standard gross lbs sold equaling 411,936. ((.34¢ x 411,936 lbs / 2 houses) x 6 houses) x (5 flock turns per year) = Approximate yearly profits – ($3,500.00 Estimated Investment of ONCE® lighting system – $1,500.00 – Estimated investment of other lighting option) = Total profits after investment (i.e. for year 1)

ʠ Assuming a poultry complex places 750,000 birds per week with 96% livability rate, average bird weight is 6.5 pounds (lbs) and Junglite Green™ technology reduces weekly growers’ standards to 0.34¢ per lb. ((750,000 x 96%) x 6.5) x 0.34¢ = Savings per week

**For maximum performance, it is recommended to replace ONCE® fixtures after 50,000 hours or 5 years. 

Dim-to-Blue Technology for Broilers, Pullets and Turkeys

Dim-to-Blue® Technology allows producers to provide a customized lighting solution that achieves what matters most: improved animal welfare, reduced stress and better flock performance. By developing proprietary technology based on decades of proven research, ONCE® can demonstrate the effects light source and intensity have on poultry when raising them in indoor facilities, benefiting both the animals and producers, while guaranteeing a return on your investment.

Researchers at the USDA ARS found that ONCE® AgriShift® LED Lighting Systems were either equivalent or out-performed all other products by every measure. They showed a statically significant (3-5%) increase in body weights compared to incandescent light bulbs—higher than any other LED product.

Shop products featuring Dim-to-Blue® Technology:

The AgriShift® MLM-B for modern broiler, turkey and pullet poultry operations enhances bird performance by providing an optimized color spectrum and dimming capability to the bird’s developmental needs at every stage of growth.

The AgriShift® MLB lighting fixture for broiler and turkey facilities offers an optimized color spectrum and full dimming capability, allowing producers to enhance production by controlling photoperiod and light intensity throughout the entire life cycle of the bird.

Dim-to-Red Technology for Layers and Breeders

ONCE® Dim-to-Red® Technology for Layers and Breeders is designed with a deep red saturated light, with an added blue and green spectrum (for poultry vision). The enhanced red spectrum is the only spectrum which stimulates a hen’s hypothalamic and pineal oscillators, helping maintain circadian rhythms and promoting sexual maturity. It also stimulates the release of two reproduction regulating hormones essential for sexual maturation and daily egg production.

Hens housed under ONCE® AgriShift® lighting systems for Layers increased production by 8%—resulting in 28.6 more eggs over a 70 week laying cycle due to improved spectrum and light distribution when compared to regular CFL bulbs.

The natural sunrise and sunset simulation eliminates the stress inputs of abruptly switching lights on and off, lowering mortality and supporting immune responses.

The AgriShift® MLM-R makes it easy to improve production and animal welfare by providing daylight simulation with it’s species-specific technology.

The AgriShift® TLL tube light provides poultry producers with an in-system lighting solution that meets the needs of today’s modern poultry houses.

The AgriShift®  MLL provides a high light output where it is required, in battery containment systems, high ceilings and breeder operations.

The AgriShift® JLL Tall and Short are designed specifically for layer and breeder facilities. Most commonly used in aviary and enriched colony systems.

Dim-to-Red Technology for Swine

ONCE® lighting systems are designed to provide exceptional light quality for both the swine herds and humans caring for them. They are made with species-specific technology and are suitable for use in sow barns, gestation buildings, nurseries, gilt development units, and finishing facilities. Dim-to-Calm™ technology allows the lighting fixture to fully dim red, which swine perceive as darkness. This allows the red light to be used as a “service light” so workers can access the facility without disturbing or interrupting the sleep cycles of the animal.

ONCE® swine-specific lighting programs and systems are directed toward minimizing extreme changes in lighting. Abrupt changes are shown to excite animals while increasing cortisol levels and inhibiting melatonin secretion – both of which have a negative effect on the well-being of the animal. By offering LED fixtures that present uniform coverage and consistent light, corticosterone levels and other stress markers are minimized, while animal welfare is improved.

The AgriShift® MLM-S for swine is a highly efficient lighting fixture designed to evenly distribute light for both the swine herd and humans caring for them.

The AgriShift® MLS is a modular fixture that features swine-specific technology, while supporting bio-security measures of modern swine facilities.

Shop products featuring Dim-to-Red® Technology:

Agriculture-Specific Technology

With over 50 awarded patents and more than 180 patents pending, our proprietary technologies allow us to control all aspects of the environment. Through our research we strive to present species-specific technologies that allow animals to start each day with a sunrise and end each day with a sunset.

Our proprietary SIAM Technology® applies the key aspects that we believe best improves animal welfare and optimizes production through artificial lighting for commercial agricultural facilities:

  1. Spectrum: The whole range of visible light with respect to its wavelength or frequency
  2. Irradiance: The power of electromagnetic radiation per unit area (radiative flux) on a surface
  3. Modulation: Transitioning from one lever to another.

AgriShift® lighting systems are agriculture specific and developed to meet the individual needs of your animals. Because animals are sensitive to different intensities and colors of light, the lights “shift” spectrum and intensity so performance and health can be improved simply by controlling the lighting. Close attention to lighting schedules and elimination of lighting anomalies have been shown to increase production outputs while reducing stress and negative affects on animals.

ONCE® AgriShift® fixtures also have Built For Your Barn® designs. They are made using techniques and materials that withstand harsh barn environment for years to come. A Built For Your Barn® design is guaranteed to stand up to dirt and dust, high-pressure wash-downs and corrosive vapors, including ammonia.

Shift the spectrum with an AgriShift® Controller or Slave Dimmer:

The AgriShift® Master Controller provides full potential to any ONCE® lighting fixture.

The Slave Dimmer offers several advanced features giving added flexibility while addressing the complex needs of today’s modern agriculture  facilities.

The AgriShift® Controller is a second generation slave dimmer unit that provides full potential to any ONCE® lighting fixture.