Dynamic lighting inspired by nature

NatureDynamics creates natural lighting indoors

The amount of natural daylight we see each day is different. No matter the season, or time, it is never the same.

By applying photo-biology, NatureDynamics can optimize the individual lighting needs of every species at all stages of growth.

Light impacts all living organisms

We see light differently

The spectral characteristics, as well as the intensity, affect how light is perceived. What we see is made up of light reflected from the objects we look at. But eyes aren’t the only organ that processes light. Poultry identify light through extra-retinal, non-visual, pathways as well.

With NatureDynamics, we take away the guessing of what schedule and intensity are optimal for your animals during each growth stage with our scientifically proven light recipes.

What is a light recipe?

A light recipe leverages these key aspects of lighting to experience optimal success and improve animal welfare.





a lighting system that achieves improved
animal welfare and production results.

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Temporary overrides

offer real time color shifts or custom recipes when less movement is desired.


to seperate your barn into different zones.

Scientifically proven light recipes


ONCE is Signify’s brand for innovative animal-centric lighting systems. Together we lead the world with lighting solutions that unlock the potential of light.

As the world leader in agricultural lighting, we have a deep understanding of animal-centric lighting. We understand that modern poultry production has evolved into a science and are dedicated to providing your animals with the best lighting possible. With our scientific approach we offer a solution that addresses your flocks’ needs.

Our high quality, future proof lighting solutions are designed for flexibility and reliability. In addition to that, you can fully count on our continuous professional expertise with regards to on-site advice, lighting design, installation, commissioning and after sales support.

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