Our dynamic lighting systems solutions combine the latest LED technology with scientific research. They give you a powerful tool to promote optimal development of your poultry and swine.

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Animal lighting technology is evolving rapidly. Stay informed on industry developments that can improve your animal welfare and achieve high farm production. 

We are part of Signify group companies – formerly known as Philips lighting. We’ve been helping farmers like you to benefit from agricultural lighting for more than 25 years.

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Light is life. Every living organism depends on it.  ONCE has been studying the effects of light on living organisms. This has brought us insights on how to optimize your farm environment.

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Perception of light

Animals interpret light differently. Poultry can see a very broad spectrum of light, as they have wider photoreceptors than humans. They see 12 times better in the blue spectrum and 4 times better in the red spectrum and can even see UV-A light. Swine are more sensitive in the blue and green spectrum.

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The world leader in agricultural lighting

We have a deep understanding of animal-centric lighting based on years of rigorous research and development, intense collaboration with leading research institutes, and close cooperation with valued customers.

The result is best-in-class lighting solutions, with scientifically proven light recipes that mimic the quality and dynamic patterns of natural daylight.

The future of animal farming

As the thought leader in the industry, we believe dynamic lighting are the future of your animal farming. And the future is here today.

ONCE dynamic lighting systems are highly flexible and controllable. They let you create the exact conditions needed for your specific animals. Every minute. Every day. Every season. For every breed.

Your animals depend on light

Natural daylight changes constantly and establishes a circadian rhythm. These changes impact the growth and behavior of animals. We are inspired by natural light and its dynamics.

What if you could use light to stimulate the natural behavior of your animals in a positive way?

The power of dynamic lighting for you

With our dynamic lighting systems, light is your powerful tool. You stimulate ideal hormonal activities and biological patterns for your animals, creating physiological and biological results that improve your animal welfare and achieve high farm production.

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