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Our dynamic lighting systems combine the latest LED technology with scientific research. They give you a powerful tool to promote optimal animal growth and production.

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Lighting for animals is evolving rapidly. At Signify, we are dedicated to being at the forefront of scientific research and innovation. Our team of scientists and engineers work tirelessly to develop cutting-edge lighting solutions that are both innovative and sustainable.


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European Union BAN on fluorescent Lights

The European Union has changed regulations, that will phase out conventional light sources, such as fluorescent tubes. The sales of such products will no longer possible after September 1st 2023. The RoHS Directives for the European Union have been adjusted to prevent them from being sold.

Poultry farmers are dealing with high energy prices and the impact on their production strategy.  Conventional fluorescent tubes have been commonly used in poultry farms over the past decades because of their energy-saving feature and light output.

Due to their toxicity, the production of fluorescent tube will be banned from September 2023.

Once by Signify offers a solution to easily replace fluorescent lamps with LED tubes – same size, same light output, and lower energy consumption.  You can now easily switch from fluorescent to LED tubes, using their existing setup and construction.  No need for re-wiring, no need for light calculations; simply change the tubes.

Solutions made for barn environments:

  • Easy one-to-one replacement
  • Energy-saving of 38%
  • Longer lifetime, less re-lamping
  • Dimmable and flicker-free
  • Available in 3000K and 4000K


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