5 Major Benefits of Poultry LED Lighting

Chickens raised using a poultry LED lighting system have been found to produce higher quantity and quality of eggs, develop into maturity at a faster rate and enjoy an improved standard of health as compared to chickens raised under traditional light sources. Using an LED system could tremendously help your broiler or layer farm.
Here are the 5 major benefits of using LED lighting for your poultry:
1.      Lower lighting costs.
LED light fixtures are more energy efficient that existing CFL or cold-cathode lighting systems. They are not prone to breakage that causes mercury to release. They provide fast return on investment as well as long term savings. They fit directly into a standard electrical junction box. The modular design for ONCE LED systems allows for easy installation in a wide range of applications.  ONCE lighting systems are Built for Your Barn® because they’re waterproof, long-lasting, eliminate maintenance costs and conforms to agricultural lighting standards.
2.      Increase development and weight gain.
Lighting has been showing to be a key input in healthy pullet development. Blue LED light fixtures promote growth and feed conversion. ONCE has an AgriShift® MLM-Blue light fixture that has proven success in this.
3.      Increases flock uniformity and feed conversion.
Broiler Light Fixtures can improve bird weight, flock uniformity, and feed conversion. With this fixture it is crucial to have a proper production dimmer and a well-thought-out lighting program. The AgriShift® MLB is designed to have Dim-to Blue® & Dime-to-Red® technology. The Dim-to-Blue® is used to calm the birds and reduce condemnation. The Full Spectrum with enhanced red gets birds up and moving, promotes weight gain, and increases long term ADGs.
4.      Regulate reproduction cycles and faster maturity.
LED lighting makes it easy to provide natural daylight simulation for improved productivity. Dim – to – Red light fixtures have proven to decrease the time to peak production by stimulating ovulation via the release of reproduction stimulating hormones. Sunrise/Sunset simulation eliminates the stress inputs of switching lights on and off abruptly which can lower mortality and support immune response. The red spectrum helps maintain circadian rhythms and promotes sexual maturity. ONCE’s AgriShift® MLM – Red light fixture was built to help regulate reproduction cycles and generate faster maturity for the poultry.
5.      Provides an animal welfare friendly environment & Increase feeding.
Animal welfare audits measure availability of feed for the birds and monitor flock uniformity in order to determine the overall welfare of the flock. The ONCE AgriShift® FL Feeder Control Pan light is designed to attract birds to the main or control feeder pans. This fixture generates light at poultry specific wavelengths and draws in the birds to encourage feeding. The increased feeding activity at the control pan keeps the feed lines full resulting in evenly distributed feed for the entire line. The uniform access to feed throughout the house promotes daily weight gain and bird uniformity which equals higher yields for the poultry farmer.
By having a well-thought-out lighting program and using LED lighting you could tremendously increase your Poultry production. Not only will it lower in lighting costs, it will increase development, weight gain, flock uniformity, feed conversion, and reproduction. They will provide an animal welfare friendly environment and are Built for Your Barn®. For more information or to view all of our products go to our website.