Why use natural enhanced lighting in your facility

The newest and most advanced lighting technology available on the market today.


Last week we wrote about What Enhanced Natural Lighting is. This week, we explain why use it and issues you may experience if you’re not.



Enhanced natural lighting goes beyond traditional LED technologies by replicating the light intensity and jungle-like green spectrum of a birds’ natural habitat. When applying a recommended lighting program and an enhanced natural lighting solution when raising broilers or pullets indoors, desirable physiological and biological processes in animals can be influenced to achieve optimal results.


Why Use Enhanced Natural Lighting

Pecking, nervousness, feed source recognition and negative hormonal responses are oftentimes seen in chickens outside of their natural habitat, resulting in both, increased stress and decreased animal welfare in your flock. By simulating an enhanced jungle green light, a spectrum replicating the bird’s natural habitat is seen. Not only does a jungle green spectrum immediately reduce negative behaviors, it stimulates their highest color sensitivity, benefiting all parties involved.


How Enhanced Natural Lighting Benefits Your Animals

Numerous independent and published studies have proven that rearing broilers under a jungle green light spectrum plays a significant and positive role compared with any other light spectrum. Research has consistently concluded that broilers reared under monochromatic green light during the early stage experienced greater proliferation of the skeletal satellite cells, a primary muscle regenerator, while those at later stages exhibited greater body weights through the grow-out phaseʠ, with reduced feed conversion rates. In addition, birds have been shown to be calmer, less prone to flight and notably less aggressive, improving the general welfare of the bird.


How Enhanced Natural Lighting Benefits You

In addition to experiencing a happier and less aggressive flock, you can achieve additional benefits that puts money in your pocket and gives you a return on your investment with improved feed conversion rates.


Recent scientific trials showed broilers raised under a naturally enhanced Junglite Green™ light spectrum compared to those under a regular blue-enriched white LED showed reduction in bird feed consumption per pound of meat produced. With a .028 feed conversion rate improvement. This provides an ROI after the first flock and is estimated to give producers $19,008.70 in additional profits the first year* and save integrators $15,912.00 PER WEEKº!


Learn more about The Science behind the technology or products featuring Junglite Green™ technology: AgriShift® MLM-G and AgriShift® TLP tube light for pullets.


ʠ https://www.once.group/case-studies?case_study=1224

º Assuming a poultry complex places 750,000 birds per week with 96% livability rate, average bird weight is 6.5 pounds (lbs) and Junglite Green™ technology reduces weekly growers’ standards to 0.34¢ per lb. ((750,000 x 96%) x 6.5) x 0.34¢ = Savings per week