Why Red Light Matters in Layer Barns

Why do we need red lighting in layer barns? What does the red light do? More and more farmers are getting interested in LED lighting. Not only is LED more energy efficient and saves you money, it now allows you to use certain shades of colors and dimmers to help with your egg production.


Red light has proven to initiate the activation of the reproductive axis, increase ovarian activity, maintain high levels of production, and increase total number of eggs.


Chickens detect light not only through the retinal cone receptors in the eyes, but also via extra retinal photoreceptors in the pineal gland and the hypothalamic gland. The response to light controls a bird’s hormones and behaviors.


In poultry, red light is vital for stimulating sexual maturity and egg production. Birds exposed to red light have higher egg production than the other color groups. Red light contains higher wavelengths, which penetrate through the skull and brain tissue more easily to stimulate production, which in turn translates into lower age at first egg as well as longer and high peak productions.


The ONCE AgriShift® MLL LED Light is a high light output LED fixture designed for battery containment systems, high ceilings and breeder operations where high light output is required. We use the Dim-to-Red® technology to stimulate increased egg production as well as earlier and longer peak laying period. Our Built-for-Your-Barn® design stands up to the harsh environmental conditions in agricultural facilities. Mounts easily into a variety of mounting configurations with specific adapters for each. ONCE recommends you use the MLL with a barn dimmer controller and custom lighting program for optimum results.


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