Why Converting Your Barn to LED Lighting is Crucial in Staying Successful in the Market

LEDs are continually gaining popularity and more people are converting their barns. ONCE® focuses on the science of light by creating lighting products specifically and exclusively for the Agricultural market. ONCE® lighting systems are species-specific and establish lighting as a proven input to increase production and calm the animals.


For the Layer market we use Dim-to-Red® technology to increase production. The Dim-to-Red® light spectrum decreases the time to peak production by stimulating ovulation via the release of reproduction stimulating hormones. Sunrise and sunset simulation eliminate the stress inputs of the legacy lighting practices of switching lights on and off abruptly. This helps lower overall stress in the flock which lowers mortality and supports immune response so egg laying capacity is not reduced. Research tests and on-farm testing have both shown immediate changes in bird behavior more in line with normal behavior.


For the Swine market we also use Dim-to-Red® technology to increase production. Dim-to-Red® technology allows the lamp to dim with standard AC dimmers to fully red light output that pigs perceive as darkness. In domestic boars, research has shown that there is seasonality in sperm production related to the light in the animal’s environment. Light exposure mediates the level of melatonin secretion, which ultimately affects the quality and quantity of the boar’s reproductive products.


In the Broiler market we use Dim-to-Red® and Dim-to-Blue® Agrishift® LED lighting. During the brooding phase the Dim-to Red®spectrum will promote early growth. Then during the grow-out stage as the ONCE® LED lights dim they shift color to the Dim-to-Blue® spectrum, in which birds are calmer, less prone to run, not as jumpy and consequently put more feed energy into just growing. This has additional positive effects on both ADG and uniformity. Research tests and on-farm testing have both shown immediate changes in bird behavior and improved feed conversion ratios when Agrishift® lamps are dimmed to the lower levels of blue enhanced spectrum. This stage also promotes myofiber growth due to more effective stimulation of testosterone secretion.


On top of helping the growth and wellbeing of animals, ONCE® LEDs use only 8-17 Watts of electricity, which is about 1/3 to 1/30th of an Incandescent or CFL light. This will save money on electricity and replacement costs because ONCE® LED lights last 5-10 years.


So what is stopping you from converting your barn to ONCE® LED Lights?