What is enhanced natural lighting?

The newest and most advanced lighting technology available on the market today.


Decades of photobiology research demonstrate that light is one of the most influential variables affecting the biology of living organisms. It is proven to subconsciously direct behaviors in both animals and humans by modifying embryonic and postnatal growth and regulating gene expression. As the science unfolds, the possible lighting applications available in the commercial agricultural industry are seemingly endless. Still, the questions remain—what does it mean to provide enhanced natural lighting, can nature really be enhanced and why should I use it in my facility?



At ONCE®, we understand that light, a key environmental factor and essential to sustain life, can be a useful tool to achieve optimal results and have healthier and happier animals. That is why we focus on perfecting the science of animal-centric lighting with our mission: To improve animal health through applied photobiology.

By developing technology and lighting programs that allow light to be used as a tool to direct desirable physiological and biological processes in animals, we are ultimately making solutions that benefit both you and your animal. Whether you are an integrator, producer or manufacturer, our innovative technology and extensive selection of lighting systems and accessories will take your facility to the next level. To fully comprehend what enhanced natural lighting is and why it is beneficial for your animals, we first explain what is considered as “natural” to a domestic chicken.


What is “natural”?

The red jungle fowl, an ancestor of the domestic chicken, originated in the rain forests of Southeast Asia—a common habitat zone with canopies formed by mature trees that heavily filters direct sunlight. This results in altered spectra and lower light intensities when compared to open land areas and many parts of the country. Additionally, the red jungle fowl originally experienced gradual transitions to daylight with a morning sunrise and gradual transitions to darkness with an evening sunset.


The Technology

Poultry see differently than humans–, they perceive more colors of light, perceive lighting intensities differently, and even perceive light by the brain independently from the eye.  By understanding these variances, we apply a jungle-like green color spectrum and lower light intensity that is similar to what a fowl would experience in their natural habitat, with a recommended daily photoperiod program that has fewer extreme changes in day length.


Check back next week to learn Why Use Enhanced Natural Lighting in Your Broiler Facility and learn more about the AgriShift® MLM-G, our product designed with an enhanced natural light spectrum and proprietary Junglite Green™  technology.