UV-C Dosimeter Cards:
What you need to you know

It is important to regularly verify the UV-C dose output of the BioShift unit to ensure proper disinfection. Every 50 cycles or once per month, whichever comes first, the operator shall verify that the UV-C dose exceeds a minimum of 100 mJ/cm2 in a short programmed test cycle.


1) Record the information in the blanks on the card or as otherwise directed by site requirements

2) Place the cards in desired location and record the information in the blanks on the card, or as otherwise directed by site requirements. Always make sure the color-changing area faces toward the UV-C device.

3) Run the disinfection cycle.

4) Verify exposure of the card and make any additional notations as needed. Always make exposure reading as soon as possible after the disinfection cycle and at latest within 24 hours after disinfection cycle to get most accurate result.

5) Retain or discard the card in accordance with site requirements. The UV-C dosimeter cards are one-time use only and should not be used for several disinfection cycles.

Note: Pre-exposure of the card to light may affect accuracy of the test results. If a card has been pre-exposed to light before use, discard the card and do not use. Store unused cards in folder provided. 

Q: The “pink” color of the developed dosimeter doesn’t quite match the expected 100 mJ/cm2 legend. How do I interpret if the correct dose was achieved?

A: We find that it helps to watch the color develop through the windows in the BioShift as the dosimeter card is being exposed. The blue-ish light from the UV-C lamps enhances the visibility of the color change and allows you to more confidently evaluate that the correct dose was achieved.


Q: I ran a dosimeter test yesterday and confirmed the 100 mJ/cm2 was achieved. Now I re-checked the card today and the color shows something different.

A: The dosimeter cards’ color revert over time back to the starting colors. Therefore, you can only evaluate the color change during or immediately after the dosimeter test was conducted.


Q: How does UV-C radiation work?

A: UV-C radiation (within the range 200-280 nm) has powerful germicidal properties, breaking down the DNA and RNA of micro-organisms as viruses, bacteria, spores and molds on surfaces, in air or water.


Q: How can UV-C radiation be applied?

A: UV-C radiation can be used to eliminate viruses, bacteria, spores and molds from water, air or surfaces. UV-C radiation can help in neutralizing viruses. It can be used in hospitals and other healthcare institutions and public buildings, including schools. Some disinfection systems are designed to be used at night or after closing when no people are in the room. UV-C will also disable pathogens that could complicate the recovery of patients.

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