USDA Research Demonstrates That ONCE® AgriShift® LEDs Are Best For Broilers

Researchers at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) have conducted a series of independent studies testing the effects of lighting products on the productivity, health and welfare of broilers. They found that ONCE® AgriShift® LED Lighting Systems were either equivalent or out-performed all other products by every measure.

ONCE® AgriShift® LED Lighting Systems showed a statistically significant (3-5%) increase in body weights compared to incandescent light bulbs—higher than any other LED product (Olanrewaju et al., 2015a), and higher than compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) (Olanrewaju et al., 2016). These differences arose from influencing the photobiology of the bird— ONCE® AgriShift® LED Lighting Systems altered several physiological markers in the blood (Olanrewaju et al., 2015b). No negative animal welfare characteristics were observed by any lighting product in terms of mortality rates, corticosterone levels, immune responses, and eye development (Olanrewaju et al., 2015a, 2016).

These results, combined with the energy savings of ONCE® AgriShift® LED Lighting Systems led the researchers to conclude:

 “This study shows the positive impact on profits to commercial poultry facilities to reduce energy costs and optimize production efficiency without compromise to the welfare of broilers grown to heavy weights.” (Olanrewaju et al., 2016).


Dr. Aaron Stephan, Research Scientist, ONCE Inc.

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