Technology adds biosecurity layer in National Hog Farmer magazine

A major challenge experienced in the swine industry is focused on in the National Hog Farmer November magazine headlined, Keeping the farm ‘clean’ takes many hands. The publication features an article on how “Biosecurity takes many hands to be effective,” and explains that viruses like porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome have the largest economic impact on swine producers in the U.S. today. It goes on to describe how it takes various efforts of collaboration and educational backgrounds to ensure an operation is running smoothly to keep U.S. swine herds healthy.


Bonus content can be read in the printed magazine on how “Technology adds [a] biosecurity layer”. This includes insights from our very own Dr. Aaron Stephan and underlines how stringent biosecurity protocols, like showering-in and showering-out, are now followed by all barn employees, making technology a key for success. Aaron Stephan, director of research and development at Once Inc., admits here that, “biosecurity protocols are only as good as their weakest link. The BioShift® Pass-Through Germicidal UV Chamber provides an added level of cleanliness, exposing ultraviolet C irradiation to items that barn workers will not take with them through the showering process—cell phones, eyeglasses and lunch boxes.” Hear more from Aaron and learn  about this technology in our Reduction in swine pathogen numbers by a UVC germicidal chamber IndustryVoice.