Signify unveils first dynamic lighting system to improve well-being and production of poultry; ONCE NatureDynamics


Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, introduces the first dynamic lighting system to improve the well-being of poultry. Gradual shifts in light color and intensity throughout the day optimize the chickens’ circadian rhythm and reduce stress in chickens, improving their health and farmers’ yields. The new lighting systems are brought to market under the name ONCE, Signify’s animal lighting specialty brand. ONCE NatureDynamics helps farmers to adjust intensity, photoperiod, and spectrum in response to birds’ needs, bringing nature’s power to your growing facility.

Never thought lighting would have such an impact on production

“We have now implemented NatureDynamics in our barn, and the results are amazing, we never thought lighting would have such an impact on broilers,” said Claus Wöste, one of the first farmers from Germany that started to use ONCE NatureDynamics. “Already after one flock of birds we can conclude that the distribution of chickens in the barn has improved, and because of that also our chicken quality. The mortality and rejects in the NatureDynamics barn have been half of what we normally see on our farm, which shows that we have significantly improved the health of our animals.”

Wireless app-based control makes NatureDynamics easy to use

NatureDynamics is the first dynamic lighting system for poultry that can be wirelessly controlled, letting farmers deploy effective lighting recipes at the touch of an app. Based on research, these recipes provide the light levels, spectra, and timing parameters necessary for top-quality poultry production. They provide flawless daytime lighting and ramp-up and ramp-down periods that mimic dawn and dusk. Growers profit from perfectly calibrated lighting, hassle free.

In addition, the app makes it possible to control the bird’s movement by changing light groups and even apply different settings in certain parts of the barn. A temporary override function lets farmers change settings in a light group for a certain period, such as during inspections or harvests.

A solution that works in multiple environments

The first luminaire that is released to work with the NatureDynamics system is the NatureDynamics Dome. With its wide beam angle, NatureDynamics Dome creates a highly uniform lighting grid, which makes this luminaire perfectly suitable for general lighting purposes. The wide beam angle ensures that birds naturally spread across a facility, preventing crowding. The system’s base units are designed to facilitate multiple types of luminaire mounting – surface mounting, wire mounting or suspension from wires. Such versatility makes this solution ideal for a wide range of applications, in a wide range of environments.

Learn more about how ONCE NatureDynamics can help animal farmers around the globe improve animal well-being while increasing their production and visit our webpages.