TULEX-PRO Tube Light, 3000K + Red

Available in 90m and 180m lengths. 

Suitable for Layers and Breeders



Sold by the Company formerly known as

TULEX-PRO Tube Light, 3000K + Red


About This Product

• Innovative tube light with wide beam angle
• Enhance production while reducing feather pecking with an added red spectrum
• Improve animal welfare with full dimming and programming capabilities
• Durable and sustainable lighting solution
• Low voltage power system

There several factors when shopping for the best lighting systems that ensure success when raising animals commercially, including animal well-being and performance, uniform light distribution, total dimmability, high efficiency, energy savings, maximum durability, and lifespan of the products.  The TULEX-PRO Tube Light, 3000K + Red is an adaptable and easy-to-use lighting fixture that offers these features and more. Available in multiple sizing options to fit your barns needs.

The added red spectrum can be used to stimulate production while helping to maintain circadian rhythms and promote sexual maturity.


TULEX 3000K + Red Data Sheet (90cm) – English
TULEX 3000K + Red Data Sheet (180m) – English
Breeder Interest Sheet – English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic
Broiler Interest Sheet – English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese
Layer Interest Sheet – EnglishSpanish, Arabic, Chinese
Pullet Interest Sheet – English
Swine Interest Sheet – English, Portuguese

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