TULEX End Cap, TPS-16




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TULEX End Cap, TPS-16


About This Product

Protect the end of your TULEX tube light fixture from corrosion and physical damage with the TPS-16 end cap.

There are several factors when shopping for the best lighting systems that ensure success when raising animals commercially, including animal well-being and performance, uniform light distribution, total dimmability, high efficiency, energy savings, maximum durability and lifespan of the products.  The TPS-16 end cap is compatible with any TULEX fixture, which offers these features and more.


TPS-16, TULEX End Cap Data Sheet – English
Breeder Interest Sheet – English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic
Broiler Interest Sheet – English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese
Layer Interest Sheet – EnglishSpanish, Arabic, Chinese
Pullet Interest Sheet – English
Swine Interest Sheet – English, Portuguese

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