SILOX-PRO Tube Light, Dim-to-Red

  • Help maintain circadian rhythms
  • Improve animal welfare with natural sunrise/sunset simulation
  • Stimulate reproductive hormones essential for sexual maturation and daily egg production in poultry
  • Full dimming and programming capabilities allow LED to be used as a safety light in swine facilities



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SILOX-PRO Tube Light, Dim-to-Red


About This Product

Product Details

Designed to influence desirable physiological and biological processes in animals, the SILOX-PRO Dim-to-Red Tube Light provides a species-specific spectrum to benefit your animals’ wellbeing.

This fixture features total dimmability, high efficiency, energy savings, maximum durability, uniform light distribution and more. Pair with any of our ITF enclosures for a high protection grade (IP67), waterproof solution.

Poultry-specific Dim-to-Red technology improves animal welfare by helping maintain circadian rhythms and seasonality by offering natural daylight sunset simulation.

Swine-specific Dim-to-Red technology reduces interruptions during animal sleep cycles by dimming fully to red, which swine perceive as darkness.


SILOX-PRO Tube Light, Dim-to-Red Data Sheet – English
Breeder Interest Sheet – English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic
Broiler Interest Sheet – English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese
Layer Interest Sheet – EnglishSpanish, Arabic, Chinese
Pullet Interest Sheet – English
Swine Interest Sheet – English, Portuguese

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