IXOS-PRO LED, 3000K + Red

• Durable and quality lighting solution
• Reduce animal stress with full dimming and programming capabilities
• Warm white with added red can be used to direct desirable behaviors in animals



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IXOS-PRO LED, 3000K + Red


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Simultaneously minimize extreme changes in light and direct desirable behaviors in animals with the added red spectrum used in the IXOS-PRO, 3000K + Red lighting fixture. Made to improve animal wellbeing, this LED provides uniform light distribution, full dimming and programming capabilities, high efficiency, energy savings, optimal durability, and more.

Poultry-specific Dim-to-Red technology improves animal welfare by helping maintain circadian rhythms and seasonality by offering natural daylight sunset simulation.

Swine-specific Dim-to-Red technology reduces interruptions during animal sleep cycles by dimming fully to red, which swine perceive as darkness.


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