Dome PRO Dim-to-Red

Dome PRO Dim-to-Red

  • Robust lighting solution built for barn
  • Excellent light for egg layers and breeders with added red spectrum
  • No flicker, even when dimming below 5%
  • Highly efficient LED with lifetime >50,000 hours
  • Optimal light distribution with wide beam angle

Suitable for Layers and Breeders



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About This Product

Our range of Dome luminaires are designed to withstand harsh barn environments. The wide beam angle, in combination with the luminous flux, make that the Dome is luminaire that can be applied in a wide range of general lighting applications. Dome Pro 3000K+Red provides universal 3000K light output, enhanced with additional red spectrum. When dimmed, the luminaire dims to red, which enhances the experience of circadian rhythm, and can support preventing feather pecking.

The Dome Pro 3000K+Red is perfectly dimmable and flicker free, to ensure an optimum bird performance under our lighting. The luminaire is easy to install, and connects to the ONCE IUL-base units. These can be mounted in multiple ways.

We advice to use this product in combination with our EPU-1500 dimmer, in order to get the perfect dimming behavior that is required.

Dim-to-Red offers an enhanced red light spectrum that stimulates the reproductive system in egg layers. With enhanced red spectrum that dims to the red spectrum of light, birds experience an improved circadian rhythm.


Dome PRO Dim-to-Red


Dome PRO Dim-to-Red

Nominal Power 12.5W
Luminous flux – human photopic 1300lm
Luminous flux – poultry photopic
Luminous flux melonopic
Initial LED luminaire efficacy 104lm/W
Input voltage 220-240VAC
Input frequency 60Hz or 50/60Hz
Driver included Yes
Surge protection
Inrush current 3.5A @230VAC
Inrush time 40µs
Power consumption tolerance  +/- 10%
Power factor 0.98
Beam angle
Beam spread Dual asymmetric
Driver failure rate at 50K hrs <10%
Warranty period 3 Years
Recyclable Yes
HS code 85395000
Country of origin Poland
Dimmable Yes
Dimmable range 100% to 1%
Spectral output 3000K+Red

Dome PRO Dim-to-Red

Operating temperature -10°C to 40°C / 14°F to 104°F
Rated life >50,000 hours
Lens material PMMA/PC
Housing material PC
Diameter 14.9mm
Height 9.4mm
Mount / Adaptor IUL Base
Connection  2 conductor wire lead
Control interface PWM Line comm.
Product weight per piece 0.22Kg/0.495Lbs pc.

Dome PRO Dim-to-Red

CE Mark Yes
ROHS Compliant Yes
CB Yes
Flammability mark
ECO energy classification Class F
IEC protection class Class II
IK impact rating IK03
IP code IP66

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