BioShift® Pass-Through UV-C Chamber – Small

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BioShift® Pass-Through UV-C Chamber – Small



• Eco-friendly
• Maximizes bio-security protocols
• Heavy-duty stainless steel chamber
• Designed for safety and ease of operation
• Kills viruses in a recommended 5 minutes
• Pass-through chamber deactivates the DNA
• Easy-to-use, one button operation

The BioShift® Pass-Through UV-C Chamber is an Eco-Friendly tool to use alongside established biosecurity protocols. It is designed to fix key vulnerabilities within agriculture facilities, while enhancing protocols by killing viruses and other pathogens in a recommended time of 5 minutes, before they can enter your biosecure farm facility.


The BioShift® pass-through chamber is available in two sizes! The small chamber is perfect for individual use and limiting the import of pathogens through everyday items like cell phones, food, eyeglasses and tools, while the large chamber is great for facilities or entrances with a higher volume of people coming and going every single day.


Testing by a nationally-recognized laboratory specializing in antimicrobial, biocidal and virocidal effectiveness showed that exposure of UV-C radiation in the BioShift® chamber for five minutes resulted in elimination of >99.999% of common agricultural viruses.


ONCE® Built For Your Barn® designs use techniques and materials that withstand the harsh barn environment for years to come


The heavy-duty UV chamber is made with a stainless-steel build, UVC germicidal lamps and two, easy-to-use, magnetic doors, which latch securely while allowing for easy opening. The small chamber measures 23 1/2” long x 29 3/4” wide x 24” high. With a Built For Your Barn® design, the BioShift® works similar to a UV sterilization cabinet and uses techniques and materials that withstand harsh environments for years to come.


The BioShift®  chamber uses ultraviolet C (UV-C) germicidal radiation, which provides a cost-effective and immediate way of deactivating the DNA in bacteria and viruses by destroying their ability to multiply and cause disease. There are two factors that directly influence the effectiveness of UV-C disinfection: time of exposure and light intensity. The amount of time UV-C is exposed to any given pathogen is proportional to the amount of killing it does.


Dimensions 23 1/2 inches long x 29 3/4 inches wide x 24 inches high
Recommended Lamp Life 500 Hours
Time Setting Variable 0-999 seconds
Lamp Length 18″ (4 lamps)
Environmental Ratings Operating 45o F (7o C) to 105o (40.5o C) temperature, 10-95% humidity

Storage 32o F (0o C) to 140o F (60o C) temperature, 10-95% humidity

Safety Features Emergency Stop

Start Switch

Open Door – The BioShift® will not operate when the chamber doors are open

Clean Side Door – Once sterilization in complete, the clean side door can be opened once

Chamber – The sealed chamber protects users from UV radiation

Window – Users are protected by glass that is not transparent to UVC radiation

Controller – The controller has a countdown timer and allows you to check lamp life

Input Voltage 120 V, 50/60 Hz
Operating Power / Current 80W / 667 mA
Standby Power / Current 7W / 100 mA
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty (excludes UV lamps)

The small BioShift® chamber comes with an attached mounting bracket and can be installed in a number of ways depending on the wall or door that will support them. The cut-out size necessary to support chamber, simply add .5″ [13 mm] to the chamber width and height. To install BioShift®, remove screws (4) on mounting bracket located on both sides of unit and set aside for later use. Using screws or nails (not provided), attached removed panels to support beams. Use as many screws or nails needed to ensure panel is securely held to beams. Finally, slide BioShift® into place and secure panel to unit using four screws removed previously.

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