AgriShift® VOBF for Broilers

AgriShift® VOBF for Broilers


A Major Advancement in Poultry Lighting Technology

The new AgriShift® VOBF Variable Output Broiler Fixture is designed with productivity enhancing Dim-to-Blue® technology to provide the poultry grower the most advanced solution for 230V poultry house lighting. Designed specifically for installation on metal drop ceilings, the 17W AgriShift® VOBF is designed to provide three distinct lighting profiles for improved broiler productivity and animal welfare:

  • Brood lighting – full spectrum with enhanced blue and red wavelengths
  • Grow-out lighting – full spectrum with predominant blue wavelengths
  • Moonlighting / Catch-lighting – monochromatic blue light

Lighting for Poultry

The full spectrum light output of the AgriShift® VOBF contains enhanced red and Dim-to-Blue® technology allowing complete control of lighting levels and color spectrum throughout the life cycle of the bird. Lighting is a critical component of the barn environment, affecting growth, feed conversion, and immune response development. Unfortunately, too many times the lighting system is an afterthought. This is no longer the case, as the Agrishift® VOBF was designed from the ground up to create the best lighting environment for your poultry.

Built for Your Barn®

The AgriShift® VOBF is manufactured with a corrosion resistant aluminum body and waterproof materials and gaskets, meeting IP66K standards. The LED compartment is completely sealed, allowing for frequent barn wash-downs for improved bio-security. The fixtures are protected against electrical disturbances typical in remote barn environments. The unit is low profile, reducing disturbances in airflow across the barn. The fixture is specifically designed for installation on a metal ceiling and wired into an electrical junction box with the attached cable.

Color Spectrum

Spectral Output of the AgriShift® VOBF lamps

The graph shows how the AgriShift® VOBF lamp closely mimics the color sensitivity of poultry during the brood period (full intensity)–note the enhanced red to activate locomotion and feeding behaviors. During the grow-out phase, when lamps are dimmed, the red light is reduced leaving the light rich in blue and green spectrum. The bluish light can increase weight in broilers by stimulating testosterone secretion and myofiber growth.


Brood Lighting: The AgriShift® VOBF is designed to provide full spectrum lighting, with enhanced red and blue spectrum during the early brood phase of broiler growth. The enhanced red is designed to stimulate growth rate, increase locomotion, improve melatonin production, and activate the retinal, pineal, and deep brain tissue circadian oscillators.

Grow-Out Lighting: When the AgriShift® VOBF is dimmed below 50% the enhanced red spectrum will be removed. The remaining light will consist mainly of blue and green wavelengths, which elevate plasma androgens and promote muscle growth due to stimulation of testosterone secretion.

Moon Lighting/Catching: At the lowest dimming levels (<10%) the lamp provides monochromatic blue light to simulate natural occurring moon light. Moon lighting is provided to effectively reduce aggressive feeding behavior when the light intensity is increased in the morning. The ability to dim to low levels instead of turning the lamps immediately off is also provided to reduce dopamine and adrenaline levels which may inhibit the production of melatonin. This light level and spectrum can also be used for catching operations, effectively calming the birds and reducing potential injury.

Electrical Specs


Light Output Equivalence 100 W Incandescent, 23W CFL
Luminous Flux (nominal) 1500 Im adjusted to poultry spectral sensitivity,

650 Im human photopic

Input Voltage 230V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Nominal Power 17W (at full intensity)
Power Factor >.97 nominal
THD (nominal) <20%
Beam Angle 120º
Operating Temperature Range -20ºC to 40ºC
Dimmability Range 100% to 2%
Dimmer Type Phase Modulation or Amplitude Control
Ratings IP66K, RoHS compliant
Rated Life 50,000 Hours

Mechanical Dimensions

Designed specifically for installation on a metal ceiling. Not for use in other applications.