AgriShift® MLB for Broilers and Turkeys

• Improves feed conversion
• Promotes early weight gain
• Low-profile, wide beam angle
• Advanced system specialized for poultry
• 12W LED equivalent to 100W incandescent
• Enhances animal welfare
• Built For Your Barn® design
• Patented spectral output

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AgriShift® MLB for Broilers and Turkeys


About This Product

Product Details

The AgriShift® MLB lighting fixture for broiler and turkey operations is made with species-specific, Dim-to-Blue®, technology and a Built For Your Barn® design. It offers an optimized color spectrum and full dimming capability, allowing producers to enhance production by controlling photoperiod and light intensity throughout the entire life cycle of the bird. With an AgriShift® Controller and a ONCE® recommended lighting program, producers can improve bird weight, flock uniformity and feed conversion rates, while lowering stress levels.

The AgriShift® MLB reduces electricity costs and decreases labor and maintenance costs. It is more energy efficient than fluorescent, incandescent, and HID counterparts, while the savings provide a fast return on investment, especially when considering the potential availability of energy efficiency rebates. Compared to other barn lighting systems, this lighting fixture has no need for ballasts or transformers. It provides reduced heat generation and full dimming capability, to 5%, which is important for maximizing grow out. The wet location rated modular design allows for easy installation in a wide range of applications.

Science and Technology

The AgriShift® MLB has an optimized blue/green spectrum with added red content for uniform growth and healthy bird development. Green light increases growth during the early stages, while blue light has been shown to elevate plasma androgens in poultry at later stages of development. Other studies show that blue light can calm birds, reduce blood pressure and positively effect blood glucose and triglyceride levels.

Dim-to-Blue® technology encourages uniform growth by offering healthy bird development during every growth stage.
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A Built For Your Barn® design uses techniques and materials that withstand harsh barn environment for years to come.

AgriShift Icon AgriShift® lighting systems “shift” spectrum and intensity, meeting the individual needs of your animals.

Electrical Specifications

Nominal Power 12W (at full intensity)
Luminous Flux 985 lm human photopic (120V)

1075 lm human photopic (230V)

Input Voltage 120V, 50/60Hz.
Beam Angle 180º
Light Output Equivalence Up to 75W incandescent
Spectral Output Poultry specific red with blue/green enhanced white
Operating Temperature Range -20ºC to 45ºC / -4ºF to 104ºF
Dimmable Range 100% to 5%, dims to blue white moonlight
Enironmental Ratings Suitable for wet locations (JB, JJ, HW), ROHS Compliant, Suitable for damp locations (EB), Suitable for Indoor Corrosive Environments,

Tested to CAN/CSA C22.2 NO. 94.2-07, CLAUSE 8.7


AgriShift MLB dimensions

Spectral Output

The graphs show how the AgriShift® MLB closely mimics the color sensitivity of poultry during the brood period (full intensity)–note the enhanced red encourages activate locomotion and feeding behaviors.

During the grow-out phase, when lamps are dimmed, the red light is reduced leaving the light rich in blue and green spectrum. The bluish light increases weight in broilers by stimulating testosterone secretion and myofiber growth.

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