AgriShift® Dim

AgriShift® Dim

• Precise and consistent
• Improves animal welfare
• Schedule up to 500 days divided into 20 periods
• Program timed or temporary dimming override
• Transition time available for daylight simulation
• Optional remote control with standard 0-10V bus
• Fully automatic control or manual options
• Asymmetric program capability
• Incremental dimming

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About This Product

Product Details

The AgriShift® Dim provides smooth dimming of any AgriShift® lighting fixture. It is easily controlled either manually with the front panel controls or remotely with a 0-10VDC control signal. The unit is optimized for low light level operation and offers better resolution than other dimmers. Dual output channels allow control of more lights at higher power levels.

Recommended Maximum Loads per Channel

(Based on suggested 90% per channel)

AgriShift® Lamp 120V 230V
AgriShift® EL (3W) 300 300
AgriShift® FL (3W) 300 300
AgriShift® TLL (7W) 300* 300*
AgriShift® MLM-R (8W) 130 130
AgriShift® JLL (8W) 130 130
AgriShift® JLP (8W) 130 130
AgriShift® MLM-S (10W) 100 100
AgriShift® MLM-B (10W) 100 100
AgriShift® MLM-G (10W) 100 100
AgriShift® MLB (12W) 90 90
AgriShift® MLL (12W) 90 90
AgriShift® MLS (14W) 75 75

*Number of tubes; maximum of 82 tubes in a series  

Science and Technology

Because animals are sensitive to different light intensities and colors of the light spectrum, performance and health can be improved simply by controlling it. Close attention to photoperiods and elimination of lighting anomalies have been shown to increase production outputs, reducing stress and negative effects on animals which enhances overall flock performance.

Built For Your Barn logo A Built For Your Barn® design uses techniques and materials that withstand harsh barn environment for years to come.
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AgriShift® lighting systems “shift” spectrum and intensity, meeting the individual needs of your animals.

Electrical Specifications

Output Current 8 amps (120V)/ 4 amps (240V)
Maximum resistive load (each channel)
Output Power 1000 W max per channel
Operating Voltage 120V AC (not universal)
240V AC (not universal)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Analog Input/ Output 0-10V DC input resistance: 13k
0-10V DC source maximum load: 10 mA
Safety ETL Listed
Conforms to UL Std. 508A
Certified to CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 14
Dimensions 221mm X .269mm X 139mm
8.7’’ X 10.6’’ X 5.5’’
Temperature 0° to 40° C / 32° to 104°F
Storage -15° to 50° C / 5° to 122°F
Relative Humidity 5 to 90% without condensation

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