Trust your disinfection methods with ultraviolet-c

Effectively protect against bacteria and viruses

Our health and wellbeing is a critical component to sustain an enjoyable life. It’s why the quality of the air we breathe and the cleanliness of the items we touch matters.

Every day we are at risk of contracting and spreading a virus. A proven and effective way to disinfect and destroy harmful micro-organisms in water, other liquids, on surfaces, food products, and in ‘air’ organisms is through UV-C radiation.

Trusted and Proven

In lighting spectrums, a shorter wavelength means more energy.  UV-C  has the shortest wavelength which allows it to be more energetic than visible light, and a more powerful tool for effective radiation. 

ONCE has been researching the effectiveness of UV-C on pathogens for over a decade, while the benefits of UV-C lighting has been researched for over 40 years. 



Whether you’re flying, riding a bus or on a train, the risk of catching or spreading a disease is high.


We spend most of our time at the office where many communal objects can spread bacteria.

Retail stores

From customers touching products to the checking out process, bacteria and viruses can easily spread.


Raw food, leftovers and menus are only a few of them many ways germs and bacteria can be spread in the food service industry.


In a band or attending a show? Microphones, bags, and crowded spaces have a high risk of spreading bacteria.


Outbreaks of a virus in an agriculture setting can be devastating. Reduce the pathogens before they enter your farm.

Ensure proper disinfection

It is important to verify UV-C dose output when using any type of UV-C device, like our BioShift UV-C Chamber. UV-C dosimeter cards are designed to provide a visual indication of applied UV-C energy. For best results, use UV-C dosimeter cards for every UV-C disinfection cycle.

Shop our UV-C solutions

The small and large BioShift Pass-Through UV-C Germicidal Chambers offer an all-encompassing solution for everyday sanitation.

Our small chamber is perfect for limiting the import of pathogens through everyday items like laptops and tablets, cell phones, food, eyeglasses and tools.

The large chamber is great for facilities or entrances with a higher volume of people coming and going every single day.

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