AgriShift MLL for Breeders and Layers

AgriShift MLL for Breeders and Layers

• Fully dimmable
• Patented spectral output for avian vision
• Advanced 12W system optimized for poultry
Dim-to-Red technology enhances flock productivity


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About This Product

Product Details

The third generation AgriShift MLL lighting fixture for Layer and Turkey operations features a brighter, longer lasting and more rugged design that is less sensitive to power fluctuations. It is fully sealed against moisture and is made with species-specific Dim-to-Red technology.

The AgriShift MLL makes it easy to improve production and animal welfare by providing natural daylight simulation. The Dim-to-Red technology used outputs a species-specific red spectrum shown to decrease time to peak production by stimulating ovulation via the release of reproduction stimulating hormones.

Science and Technology

The AgriShift® MLL has a deep red saturated light output, with an added blue and green spectrum, benefiting the vision of your animal. The enhanced red spectrum is the only spectrum which stimulates a bird’s hypothalamic and pineal oscillators, helping maintain circadian rhythms and promoting sexual maturity. It also stimulates the release of two reproduction regulating hormones essential for sexual maturation and daily egg production.

Poultry-specific Dim-to-Red® technology offers natural daylight simulation to help maintain circadian rhythms and reduce animal stress.
Built For Your Barn logo  

ONCE® AgriShift® fixtures have a Built For Your Barn® design, using techniques and materials that withstand harsh barn environments for years to come.

AgriShift Icon AgriShift® lighting systems are agriculture specific and developed to meet the individual needs of your animals. The lights “shift” spectrum and intensity.

Mounting Options

Junction Box Adaptor (JB)


AgriShift MLL

Nominal Power 12W
Luminous flux – human photopic 850lm
Luminous flux – poultry photopic
Luminous flux melonopic
Initial LED luminaire efficacy 75lm/W
Input voltage 120VAC
Input frequency 60Hz
Driver included No
Surge protection Overheat
Power consumption tolerance  +/- 10%
Power factor 0.98
Beam angle Very wide
Beam spread Dual asymmetric
Driver failure rate at 50K hrs
Warranty period 3 Years
Recyclable Yes
HS code 85395000
Country of origin People’s Republic of China

AgriShift MLL

Dimmable Yes
Dimmable range 100% to 0%
Spectral output 6.5K white + red

AgriShift MLL

Operating temperature -20°C to 40°C / -4°F to 104°F
Rated life >50,000 hours
Lens material PC
Housing material PC/AL
Diameter 87.5mm
Height 106.5mm
Mount / Adaptor MLM Adapters
Connection  Junction box – 3 pole terminals
Stringer – pre-configured cables
Control interface PWM
Product weight per piece 0.312 Kg / 0.686 Lbs pc.

AgriShift MLL

CE Mark
ROHS Compliant Yes
Can/CSA STD C22.2 NO 250.0
Flammability mark
ECO energy classification
IEC protection class Class I
IK impact rating IK03
IP code IP66

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