MPF & VIV Trade Shows…in one week!

The week of March 13 was a busy one for us at ONCE® as we took part in two trade shows spanning in locations from Thailand, to our home state, Minnesota!  We had a booth at VIV Asia in Bangkok for the first time, and at the Midwest Poultry Federation Convention in Saint Paul. Get a glimpse of our trade show-filled week and to learn a little about the shows…



VIV Asia hosts 900 exhibitors for all around the world. The scope of the show includes producers of swine, poultry, eggs, fish, and dairy, with suppliers from all segments of the feed to food chain. The show focuses on featuring global market leaders, regional, as well as national Asian players of growing importance.

Midwest Poultry Federation (MPF) Convention is the largest regional poultry show in the U.S. Participants include all segments of the poultry industry, including layers, broilers, turkey and organic/specialty poultry production. MPF is a nonprofit organization and all generated revenue from the convention goes to support poultry programs and their members.


VIV Asia 

David's ready to go!

David's ready to go!

Our mini photo-biology lighting displays are always a hit (pictured above).


Our chicken friends that will be showing a demonstration with UV lights are ready for their big trip!

If you were at IPPE you may have recognized our “lego barn”. We assembled this again at MPF, but it was configured a little differently!

In addition to the AgriShift TLUS®, we also featured our new AgriShift MLST®– a stringer specifically designed for any ONCE® ML fixture (pictured above).


We featured our BioShift® UVC Germicidal Chamber at MPF, which  is designed to kill viruses in a 300-second sterilization process (pictured above).



Thanks for following along on our trade show filled week. We hope to see you next year either at VIV Europe or MPF!