The LumiCoop™ backyard system is made with the most advanced chicken coop lighting solution on the market today. It goes beyond traditional illumination technologies by specifically and exclusively being designed for the chickens using it every day. The system is based on years of scientific research has on the impact light has on the behavior and performance of chickens. Similar technology is used in cage-free egg facilities where it has been shown to reduce stress, enhance animal welfare and increase egg production.

Animal Welfare

The LumiCoop™ system allows backyard chicken coop owners the opportunity to provide natural daylight similar to a chickens natural habitat, eliminating stress inputs and improve animal welfare. Learn more in The Science behind Backyard Chicken Coop Lighting.

Egg Production

Light is a natural tool to direct desirable physiological and biological processes in animals. When applied accurately the ability to maintain year-round egg production is achievable.  Learn how to provide the recommended daylight hours for optimal production.

Reproductive Performance

While all wavelengths are perceived by the chicken’s visual system, red light is the only spectrum which naturally controls circadian rhythmicity, seasonality and reproductive behaviors. The red output of the Roosting Module included in the LumiCoop™ promotes reproductive performance to achieve results. Learn in the science behind Backyard Chicken Coop Lighting.

Built For Your Barn®

ONCE® lighting systems have a Built For Your Barn® design and are made specifically for harsh agricultural environments. Although the LumiCoop™ is not made for a barn, it still has a durable and robust design, using techniques and materials that withstand harsh environments for years to come.