Lighting Applications Solve Challenges, a Full Spectrum Demonstration at IPPE

Plymouth, MN (November 2017) – Once Inc. (ONCE), developer of animal-centric lighting systems and agricultural-specific technologies, will display animal welfare-friendly lighting solutions for some of the industry’s biggest challenges at IPPE. Their full spectrum applications are shown to improve feed conversion rates, reduce mortality and floor eggs, strengthen bio-security programs and provide a return on investment for all parties.


“We know how important it is to effectively and economically solve the issues driving down profits, while keeping animal welfare in mind,” explains Andrew Flemming, vice president of sales and marketing at ONCE. “We apply full spectrum lighting with photo-biology and optogenetics to influence biological processes in animals, allowing us to naturally optimize results.”


ONCE will exhibit scientifically proven results and answers to challenges experienced through a creative lego-like barn display demonstrating their technology. “With our new jungle green light spectrum shown to improve feed conversion by replicating a birds’ natural habitat and ultraviolet A and C benefiting poultry health and strengthening biosecurity protocols, there’s a solution for everyone,” says Flemming. The ONCE booth will be in Hall B, space 6417.


About ONCE

ONCE is a privately held corporation that manufactures highly innovative animal-centric lighting systems by focusing on bringing the science of light to the world of agriculture. Through a visionary approach to research and product development, they apply photo-biology and optogenetics to develop technologies that achieve their overall mission: To improve animal health through applied photo-biology. Founded in 2009, the Minnesota-based company is led by industry veteran Zdenko Grajcar. For more information, please visit