Junglite enhances broiler welfare and production in Indonesia


The ONCE products are recognized around the globe, for their effect on animals. Our Junglite color recipe enhances the welfare and production of broilers. Therefore, our products are also applied in Indonesia. We are proud to share the feedback of our customers in this video.

Asputra Perkasa Makmur has applied TULEX-HO in 4 floors with a population of 25 000 chicks on each floor. After installation, the customer conducted a performance analysis of the TULEX-HO 120 Junglite, and made the following observations:

Growth performance

According to Mr Imam Subakti the farm manager body weight gain (BW) for broilers increased in 1 week and the following week the body weight gain (BW) of broilers was twice higher than the previous week. The feed conversion ratio (FCR) was recorded to have reduced by 0.1 points. Based on his assessment in growth performance, of his broilers, Mr Imam Subakti concluded that the TULEX-HO with Junglite recipe had improved broiler performance and welfare in the pilot barn compared to the other barns.

Performance Index

There was also an analysis that the Performance Index of broiler under Junglite recipe had increased by 35 points compared to controls using regular lamps. With these results, we have a calculated pay-back of less than 1 year.


Direct observation of broiler behaviour was carried out and the broilers under the TULEX-HO light were evenly spread and not huddling together. With added feature to mimic sunset and sunrise, TULEX-HO helped mitigate the impact of stress and fear in broilers and the broilers were calm and more active. From these observations it was concluded that there was an improvement in broiler growth and behaviour after switching to TULEX-HO light.

Other benefits of using the TULEX light according to our customer?

  • Easy to install and operate
  • High light beam angle
  • Consistent performance

According to feedback received from the farm manager, TULEX-HO Junglite has proven to be the best lighting solution for improved broiler welfare and growth. Therefore, we aim to continue improving well-being of broilers through our innovative lighting products.