Press Release: Latest research findings on light applied to poultry production at upcoming PSA Annual Meeting

PLYMOUTH, MN (July 17th, 2018) – Once Inc. (ONCE)  sponsors a symposium entitled, “Novel applications of light applied to poultry production: Influencing growth, behavior and biosecurity” at the 2018 Poultry Science Association (PSA) Annual Meeting this month. The latest research involving lighting and poultry will be presented by seven distinguished speakers from Academia and Industry.

“The symposium touches on a variety of ways people are using light to address issues facing the poultry industry,” explains Dr. Aaron Stephan, Director of Biological Research & Development at ONCE. There is a heavy focus on Ultraviolet lighting, circadian schedules and bio-security. PSA’s annual meeting serves as a forum for sharing some of the most cutting-edge science and technology in the poultry industry. It is an honor to be chairing this session, and we are looking forward to sharing some of our latest findings as well as listening to the others’ presentations,” concludes Stephan.

The 2018 PSA Annual Meeting will take place in San Antonio, Texas at the Marriott River Center between July 23-26. For more information visit:

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ONCE is the world’s only supplier of research-based animal-centric lighting systems. ONCE applies photo-biology and optogenetics findings to develop innovative technology in agricultural lighting, biosecurity and hatchery markets to enhance performance and improve welfare. ONCE agricultural lighting systems are used by the world’s largest makers of open community chicken, layer and swine housings. Founded in 2009, the Minnesota-based company is led by lighting industry veteran Zdenko Grajcar. For more information, please visit


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