Use light to impact performance in poultry – An IPPE TECHTalk to watch

Dr. Aaron Stephan, Director of Biological R&D at ONCE, presents the latest research and new technologies on the use of light to manage flocks in a virtual TECHTalk, available for viewing beginning January 25th in the IPPE Marketplace.

The objective of this TECHTalk is to provide growers with additional management tools using light to help them improve performance in Layers, Breeders and their everyday operations.

This presentation will:

  • Review our understanding of visual and non-visual perception mechanisms in poultry and how this affects their reproductive physiology.
  • Highlight recent studies that demonstrate preferential and aversive lighting spectral compositions and how this relates to production metrics and the well-being of the bird.
  • Propose new management strategies for layers and breeders through the modulation of lighting spectrum, intensity, schedule, photoperiod, and distribution within the barn.

Together, these scientifically backed strategies offer additional tools for the grower in their management toolkit.

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Aaron Stephan brings over 15 years of scientific research experience spanning Molecular Genetics to Plant Science to Vertebrate Sensory Biology. In his role as Director of Biological Research and Development, Aaron leads genetic animal research to develop new technologies that integrate light’s influence on physiology and development in poultry and livestock. Aaron conducts and coordinates research between industry partners, academic teams, and ONCE’s own laboratories, research farm, and lighting expert colleagues at Signify (Philips Lighting).

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and a Ph.D. in Biology from The Johns Hopkins University. Prior to joining ONCE, Aaron was a Life Sciences Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California San Diego.

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