Hog Slat features ONCE Dim-to-Blue technology

When designing a lighting system, an implementation of light spectrum, intensity of light, and photoperiod, are all key characteristics to consider.  A recent Hog Slat blog post featured our color-shifting Dim-to-Blue® technologyand explained the unique benefits this advanced lighting system can bring to promoting optimal broiler production.


The article explains:

“What makes AgriShift® Dim-to-Blue® technology uniquely beneficial, is that it is designed to influence and direct certain processes, recreating the best possible environment for your animal. New developments in agriculture lighting can now provide a customized light spectrum, intensity and photoperiod control for broiler environments. The utilization of this advanced LED lighting in broiler facilities can bring performance benefits, resulting in increased broiler production and improved animal welfare.”


Read the full article here: Dim-to-Blue® Lighting for Optimal Broiler Production