SILOX-PRO-120-Junglite Green Tube Light for Broilers and Pullets

SILOX-PRO-120-Junglite Green Tube Light for Broilers and Pullets

Suitable for Broilers and Pullets


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About This Product

Designed to influence desirable physiological and biological processes in animals, the SILOX-PRO-120 with Junglite Green technology features a species-specific spectrum to improve both your return on investment and the animals’ wellbeing.
The SILOX-PRO-120-Junglite Green offers total dimmability, high efficiency, energy savings, maximum durability, uniform light distribution and more. Pair with any of our ITF enclosures for a high protection grade (IP67), waterproof solution.

 Junglite Green technology offers an enhanced jungle green light spectrum that replicates a birds’ natural habitat and promotes growth by targeting poultry-specific color sensitives.




SILOX-PRO-120 Junglite Green

Nominal Power 16W
Luminous flux – human photopic 2300 lm
Luminous flux – poultry photopic
Luminous flux melonopic
Initial LED luminaire efficacy 132 lm/W
Input voltage 230V
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Driver included Yes
Surge protection
Inrush current 8A
Inrush time 300µs
Power consumption tolerance  +/- 10%
Power factor 0.86
Beam angle
Beam spread 145o
Warranty period 3 Years
HS code 85395000
Country of origin Federal Republic of Germany
Dimmable Yes
Dimmable range 100% to 1%
Spectral output Green/blue + red

Beam Spread

SILOX-PRO-120 Junglite Green

Operating temperature -10°C to 40°C / 14°F to 104°F
Rated life >50,000 hours
Lens material PC/PMMA
Housing material Aluminum + PC
Diameter 25mm / 1 In (T8)
Length 1200mm / 4 ft
Mount / Adaptor G13 rotatable base
Connection  Based on enclosure
Control interface Trailing edge dimming / ONCE digital dimming protocol
Product weight per piece 0.58Kg / 1.27 Lbs pc

SILOX-PRO-120 Junglite Green

CE mark Yes
ROHS compliant Yes
Flammability mark
EU energy classification rating E
IEC protection class Class II
IK impact rating Based on enclosure
IP code Based on enclosure

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