BioShift® Pass-Through UV-C Chamber – Large

BioShift® Pass-Through UV-C Chamber – Large

• Maximizes bio-security protocols
• Rugged shelving supports heavy items
• Provides an effective disinfection option where no other method exists
• Pass-through lockout protects against accidental exposure
• Heavy-duty stainless-steel chamber
• Chemical-free disinfection

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Product Features

The BioShift®  chamber uses ultraviolet C (UV-C) germicidal radiation, which provides an effective and immediate way of improving biosecurity on farms.

There are two factors that directly influence the effectiveness of UV-C disinfection: time of exposure and UV-C radiance (intensity).

Simplicity at its finest

It’s one-button operation and various safety and security features, including magnetic door latches and emergency stop buttons, makes the BioShift® chamber an easy and safe to use tool for optimal biosecurity efforts.

Built for toughness

The heavy-duty UV chamber is made with a stainless-steel build, UVC germicidal lamps and two, easy-to-use, magnetic doors, which latch securely while allowing for easy opening. The large chamber measures 30” long x 46.3” wide x 72” high. With a durable design, the BioShift® chamber works similar to a UV sterilization cabinet and uses techniques and materials that withstand harsh environments for years to come.

About This Product


Input Voltage 110-240V, 50/60 Hz
Operating Power / Current 520W / 5.2 A
Standby Power / Current 20W / 300 mA
Germicidal Bulbs / Lamps 40W (18 UV-C lamps)
Weight 375 lbs (170 kg)
Timer Setting 5:00 minutes
Output 254 nm UV-C light
Initial minimum irradiance 250 mJ/cm2 (300 seconds, cold start)
Operating 65°F (18°C) to 105°F (40.5°C) temperature, 10–95% humidity
Storage -20°F (-28°C) to 140°F (60°C) temperature, 10–95% humidity
Ratings IP Rating 50 equivalent


Outside Mechanical Dimensions:
46.5 L x 30 W x 72 H inches
(1180 L x 762 W x 1828 H mm)

Inside Mechanical Dimensions:
44.1 L x 21.1 W x 66.7 H inches
(1119 L x 535 W x 1695 H mm)

Safety features

  • One-button “Start”
  • Two-Emergency “Stop” buttons, located on both sides of the chamber
  • Magnetic doors ensure chamber is securely latched, while allowing for easy opening at the beginning and end of every cycle
  • When the door is open, the BioShift® will not operate
  • Once sterilization in complete, the clean side door can be opened once
  • The sealed chamber protects users from UV radiation
  • Users are protected by a window using glass that is not transparent to UVC radiation
  • The easy-to-use touch screen controller has a countdown timer
  • The touch screen controller allows you to check lamp life, log maintenance reports and more

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