PRESS RELEASE: New Lighting Product Improves Animal Welfare


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New Lighting Product Improves Animal Welfare


PLYMOUTH, MN (January 27, 2017) – ONCE, Inc. (ONCE®), an innovative animal-centric lighting company, will feature their newest lighting fixture designed to improve animal welfare at the 2017 International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of this month. Their brand new AgriShift® HL-UVA focuses on improving animal recognition and feeding cues through detection of ultraviolet spectrum wavelengths.


The AgriShift® HL-UVA is a 3 Watt LED designed around the ecological importance that UV perception plays in the signaling of avian species. Poultry show a preference for artificial lighting environments with supplemental UVA. The implementation of UVA and AgriShift® technology enables recognition and feeding cues, which will help enhance production, lower mortality and boost overall immune response.

“The fundamental mission behind our AgriShift® HL-UVA is to improve the welfare of your animal by providing an environmental stimulation that fits their needs,” explains Jim Sulciner, President of ONCE®. “We could not think of a more opportune time to share the new product then at IPPE, surrounded by poultry industry leaders, researchers, and growers.”


The science behind the AgriShift® HL-UVA to utilize ultraviolet spectrum wavelengths, differentiates itself from any other agricultural facility lighting option on the market. To see a demonstration of the AgriShift® HL-UVA and learn how its implementation in poultry facilities can enhance animal welfare, stop by the ONCE® booth at IPPE located in hall C, space 2711.


About ONCE
ONCE® is a technology company applying animal-centric innovations in photo-biology and optogenetics to agricultural lighting, biosecurity and hatchery markets to enhance performance and improve welfare. ONCE® agricultural lamps are used in over 18 countries nationwide, including the world’s largest makers of open community chicken, layer and swine housings. Founded in 2009, the Minnesota-based company is led by lighting industry veteran Zdenko Grajcar. For more information, please visit