We are part of Signify group companies – formerly known as Philips lighting. We’ve been helping farmers like you to benefit from agricultural lighting for more than 25 years.

Our dynamic lighting systems combine the latest LED technology with scientific research. They give you a powerful tool to promote optimal animal growth and production.

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Lighting for animals is evolving rapidly. At Signify, we are dedicated to being at the forefront of scientific research and innovation. Our team of scientists and engineers work tirelessly to develop cutting-edge lighting solutions that are both innovative and sustainable.


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Our light recipes, based on the latest LED technology and scientific research, ensure healthy growth and minimum stress for your broilers. Create the right environment with optimal lighting and maximize your production!

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With our broiler light recipes, you promote muscle and bone development in young broilers, and minimize stress at later development phases.

Dynamic lighting improves the health and welfare of your broilers

Choose from our wide range of products, from basic white light to connected dynamic lighting systems. You grow strong and uniform broilers with reduced stress and controlled movement – resulting in fewer muscle abnormalities and improved bone strength.

Gradient Lighting

Optient is the revolutionary solution that empowers growers and integrators by not only increasing production but also harmonizing with nature. By utilizing Optient, farmers can improve feed conversion, reduce energy use by up to 70%, and improve animal welfare by keeping flocks calm and stress-free - leading to a happier and healthier farm. 

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Nature Dynamics

NatureDynamics is a cutting-edge lighting system offers dedicated light recipes for your poultry and swine that improve their health and welfare, while also providing optimal breeding conditions and the highest production. With NatureDynamics, you can optimize the individual lighting needs of each animal, ensuring that they receive the ideal lighting conditions for their growth and development. The best part? You can control the system via a smart phone or farm computer, making management easy and convenient. If you want to create a truly dynamic and optimized lighting system for your animal farming operation, NatureDynamics is the perfect solution. Learn more here.

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Junglite light recipe

The combination of blue and green spectrum stimulates broilers' natural behavior. Junglite light recipe creates the unique opportunity to realize the right environment to maximize production while enabling your broilers to grow healthy.

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The lighting specialists of ONCE can create your custom-made light plan. To create the light plan, we need to know the dimensions of the barn; length, width and height, and the proposed positioning of the light.

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