What World Egg Day Means to ONCE

Today is the second Friday in October and a day we love to celebrate. We’re not talking about the fact that it’s a Friday the 13th, we’re talking about World Egg Day. This day means something different to everyone, which is why so many events are held around the world to celebrate the egg.


在 ONCE®, the egg is our business. Not only do most of us love to eat them, we make it our goal as an organization to provide producers and manufactures with a way to naturally improve egg production, reduce animal stress and enhance welfare of the hens laying them. The countless hours devoted to understanding how a certain animal responds to light and the research conducted around the science of light has led to the development of numerous species-specific technologies, allowing us to control all environmental lighting aspects within commercial agriculture facilities. Because of ONCE®, over 100,000,000 laying hens in the U.S. alone wake up with a natural sunrise and end each day with a sunset, enjoy our lighting systems every single day. THAT is what World Egg Day means to us.


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