ONCE animal lighting supports enhancement of poultry production in Kuningan, Indonesia

Indonesia is a rapidly developing market for poultry meat production, and local poultry farmers are looking for ways to optimize their production in many ways. ONCE is happy to support this development, with enhanced lighting in the poultry barns. One of our customers is PT. Asputra Perkasa Makmur, based in Kuningan at the island of Jawa in Indonesia. Their CEO, Mr. Aif Arifin Shidiq, has carefully selected the ONCE TULEX Junglite to be used on his farm: “We have chosen to use ONCE animal lighting, as they have performed much research to the right lighting for different animal species. The recipe of the TULEX lights are specifically adjusted for broiler chickens, and should bring us benefits in the enhancement of our production results.”

According to mr. Taurik, farm manager at PT. Asputra Perkasa Makmur, the implementation of new lighting has led to lower stress levels, reducing mortality by 1%, and exceptional growth leading to a superior feed conversion. The FCR was improved by 7 points, as the feed consumption was 3% less, while yield weight improved by 2%. Budi Novianto is the local representative of Signify in Indonesia for the agricultural market, and supporting local producers in their enhancement of poultry production with animal lighting solutions: “It’s a pleasure to support our customers with good quality lighting, that is actually enhancing their poultry meat production. With the results seen on this farm, we have a calculated pay-back of less than 1 year, which results in very happy customers.”