Agricultural Lighting

ONCE® is a Signify brand. Together we lead the world with highly innovative agricultural lighting solutions that unlock the potential of light.


We research the science of light exclusively for the agricultural market and incorporate the findings into commercial patented technologies.


At ONCE®, we base our technology on decades of proven research so both the animals and your bottom line benefit, leaving you to feel confident with your informed decision.


By incorporating photo-biology into innovative technologies, ONCE® can minimize sudden changes in light and provide natural daylight simulation, reducing animal stress and improving welfare.


Every single day begins with a sunrise and ends with a sunset, but not every day is ideal.

It can be for your animals.

Latest News

August 24 2020

Color Sensitivity

Chickens and humans see the world differently, which can be attributed to the difference in natural habitats. Chickens are originally from the jungles of Southeast Asia. Due to this different environment, poultry are more sensitive to the red and blue spectrums which are not filtered by the canopy of the jungle. Poultry’s green light perception […]

August 04 2020

The visible light spectrum

The visible spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to and can be detected by, the animal eye. A typical, healthy human eye will respond to wavelengths from about 400nm to 750nm. Different wavelengths indicate colors in the visible spectrum ranging from violet 400nm to 750nm deep red color with a […]

July 15 2020

How our BioShift chamber is helping the fight against COVID-19, a feature in TPI Magazine

TPI Magazine, an international live event source out of the UK, recognizes companies who have shifted their focus to help battle and limit the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of COVID-19. One of companies featured for their frontline solutions is Signify, the world leader in lighting. Read what Key Account Manager, Derek Dunphy says […]