7 Predictions Back To The Future Got Right!

Today is Back To The Future Day!  Doc and Marty traveled to October 21, 2015 from the ’80s in the classic movie. Here’s some of the predictions they got right:


1. Personal Drones – In the movie, the drones are used to capture pictures and videos. Today, many media companies use drones to take footage of what is going on in the    world.


2. Electronic Mobile Payment– We got a glimpse of Marty electronically donating $100 to save the town’s historic clock tower. Today we can make electronical payments from any device we have whether it be a cell phone, tablet, ATM, or computer.


3. Fingerprint Identification– Marty’s girlfriend has to use a thumbprint to open the door to her house in 2015. Many people have fingerprint ID on their smartphones today.


4. Video Phone Calls– One could argue that Back To The Future was where the idea for Facetime started! Marty’s future self gets fired during a video phone call.


5. Handheld Tablets – When someone in 2015 asks Marty to sign a petition he holds out a handheld tablet. We use tablets, smartphones, and other devices every day.


6. 3D movies – The “shark attack” Marty experienced in 2015 shows they thought movies were moving to 3D. In theaters today, there are 3D movies all the time.


7. Computers that take orders via voice controls- In the movie, Marty can order food and talk to the computer. We use Siri to help with direction, find restaurants nearby, etc.


What do you think will be different about technology and lighting systems in 2045?