Agricultural Lighting

ONCE® is a Signify brand. Together we lead the world with highly innovative dynamic lighting solutions that unlock the potential of light.


We research the science of light exclusively for the agricultural market and incorporate the findings into commercial patented technologies.


At ONCE®, we base our technology on decades of proven research so both the animals and your bottom line benefit, leaving you to feel confident with your informed decision.


By incorporating photo-biology into innovative technologies, ONCE® can minimize sudden changes in light and provide natural daylight simulation, reducing animal stress and improving welfare.


Every single day begins with a sunrise and ends with a sunset, but not every day is ideal.

It can be for your animals.

Latest News

January 13 2021

Use light to impact performance in poultry – An IPPE TECHTalk to watch

Despite efforts to improve poultry well-being and sustainability of the food chain, management of egg-laying and breeder operations present unique challenges. Many of these challenges can be overcome, but how?

January 11 2021

A bird’s eye view: the chicken visual system

A collaboration between Purdue University, University of Maryland, University of Georgia and Virginia Tech explain A bird’s eye view and the chicken visual system. Read and download the article here.

January 11 2021

Light Flicker. What does it mean?*

In 2013, Germany amended livestock welfare regulations to require poultry barns to have flicker-free artificial lighting. However, the new regulations did not provide exact definitions. A simplified qualitative assessment of photometric flicker is explained. Learn more.